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Cardano’s Scaling Efforts: Hydra to Achieve 1M tps, Mithril Stake Distribution and Conway Ledger Era Development

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    • The weekly development report for Cardano’s progress as of April 28, 2023, has been released.
    • The report covers updates on core technology, wallets and services, smart contracts, scaling, Voltaire, and Catalyst.


The Cardano ledger team made progress on CIP-1694 and the Conway ledger era development. They added Plutus v3 support to Conway and modified delegation certificates. Additionally, the team added governance ledger states and made minor improvements to the ledger API.


The Daedalus team removed Catalyst fund information from the wallet due to API issues. They worked on a solution to enable Daedalus users to fetch the ADA price without relying on the CoinGecko API. The team also improved the auto-generation of TSL certificates and worked on Lace desktop development.

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The Adrestia team worked on community feedback following the Lace launch and continued planning for the next cardano-js-sdk update. They are still working on extracting the transaction balancing library and wrapping up the multi-signature wallet delegation functionality.


The Plutus team worked on Marconi indexers and Plutus built-in functions for BLS12-381 curves, which are expected to be made available in Plutus v3. The Marlowe team updated the report’s structure and Haskell part in response to the final audit. They also added more property tests, tested precise trace-based failure for Marlowe Validators, and updated the documentation.

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The Hydra team worked on fixing state machine continuity on-chain and explored the addition of Hydra support to Kupo. They also improved API reference navigation, updated several dependencies, and fixed issues in test suites for the 0.10.0 release. The Mithril team continued implementing the new certifier service of the aggregator, which produces certificates for multi-signatures.

They also worked on fixing a bug in the signer registration that sometimes prevented some signers from participating in the signature process during an epoch.


CIP-1694 marks the first iteration of Cardano’s on-chain governance. The community’s consensus is vital for Cardano’s future, so community-led governance discussions and events are essential. Global community leaders and groups can apply for financial support to run their own workshops. The applications close on May 1st, 2023, at 23:00 UTC.


Several teams presented their projects during the Catalyst town hall. Catalyst community hosts a town hall every week, and you can register your attendance for the upcoming town hall.

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