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Cardano Unleashes Game-Changing Updates: Lace Wallet, Marlowe Oracles, and Hydra-Mithril Scalability Surge

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  • Cardano’s Lace Wallet now flaunts enhanced customization features, while DApp connector also receives an upgrade for a seamless user experience.
  • Hydra and Mithril teams collaboratively work to upscale network resiliency and scalability, marking significant progress in Cardano’s scalability quest.

Cardano, the blockchain project known for its rigorous peer-reviewed approach, has come out with significant updates as of September 29, 2023. In a development that augments user experience and broadens network capabilities, the enhancements span across multiple domains.

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Wallets and Services Overhaul

At the core of these updates is the revamping of Cardano‘s Lace Wallet. The dedicated team worked tirelessly to introduce features related to the delegation ratio among different stake pools, integrated portfolio persistence, and fixed several user interface (UI) issues. In a bid to make the wallet more user-centric, the DApp connector was updated, enabling it to be activated with selected extensions like those listed on CIP-95.

Subsequently, adjustments were made to Lace to resonate with these changes, accompanied by more updates on the Lace UI to mirror varying types of governance actions. Additionally, DApp Store’s development is well underway, reflecting Cardano‘s relentless quest to bolster decentralized applications on its platform.

Scaling Toward New Horizons

The Basho phase, earmarked for scaling, saw proactive engagements between the Hydra and Mithril teams. Their collaborative effort is focused on upscaling network resiliency and scalability. The Hydra team, for instance, improved the gen-hydra-key node command for smoother usability, while the Mithril team released a new distribution that supports zstandard compression of snapshot archives. These concerted efforts are steps toward addressing the historical scalability trilemma, making Cardano not only more secure and decentralized but also scalable.

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Smart Contracts and Governance Progression

On the smart contracts frontier, Cardano continues to blaze the trail. The Plutus tools team exposed the new Marconi API queries through a JSON-RPC server, enhancing system performance and synchronization times. In the same breath, the Marlowe team added Docker support to the Marlowe oracle, and upgraded Cardano node dependency to v.8.1.2.

Moreover, the Voltaire GovTool was shared to facilitate on-chain governance participation. This tool is a linchpin for ADA holders to register as delegate representatives, delegate voting power to other DReps, and review and vote on governance actions, epitomizing Cardano‘s ethos of community-driven governance.

The flurry of activities in Cardano‘s ecosystem, as articulated in the weekly development update, not only underlines its continuous evolution but also its unwavering commitment to delivering a robust, user-friendly, and scalable blockchain platform.

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