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Bulls Take the Lead: Bitcoin, Ethereum & Ripple Set Eyes on Key Resistances

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  • Bitcoin (BTC) aims for the $29,000 mark after eyeing the $28,096 resistance.
  • Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP) are not far behind, indicating a potentially bullish weekend for the trio.

Bitcoin’s Potential Breakout

Bitcoin‘s current price sentiment displays a shimmer of optimism. With BTC now grappling with the $28,096 barrier, a surge is potentially on the horizon. This is underscored by the 100-day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) at $27,350, which acts as a robust underpinning.

A triumphant breach of the $28,096 threshold could pave the way for a 5% ascent, targeting the notable $29,000 mark. Should this bullish momentum be sustained, it’s feasible that we might witness a leap to the coveted $30,000 or even a stretch towards $31,508 – translating to a potential 13% increment.

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Nevertheless, the market, with its intrinsic unpredictability, might throw a curveball. Multiple setbacks at the $28,096 could see a price dip, pushing BTC back, potentially as low as the $26,000 foundational mark.

Ethereum’s Rise on the Horizon

For Ethereum, the scene is being set for a possible upswing. Awaiting an activation signal, if the Relative Strength Index (RSI) confidently surpasses the delineating yellow band, ETH might embark on a 5% journey to the $1,674 resistance. This bullish scenario could even witness Ethereum conquering its EMAs and heading straight towards the $1,736 high.

However, not all skies are clear. A decline from the $1,648 might compel ETH to retreat to the safety between the $1,603-$1,569 order block. A further descent below this zone’s median might derail the bullish thesis entirely.

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Ripple’s Ascending Trajectory

Ripple’s price, on the other hand, is beautifully sketching an upward trendline. Targeting the $0.5604 benchmark suggests a potential 6% growth from its current stance. If Ripple’s momentum is sustained, and with the RSI showcasing an identical upswing, there’s an opportunity for XRP to touch the $0.6146-$0.6432 range.

Nevertheless, should the sellers dominate the narrative, Ripple might descend, possibly to the depths of the $0.4483 mark, representing a 15% decline from its present status.

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