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Builder Unification Sends Ripples through SHIB Community: Shibarium’s Milestone Update Fuels Anticipation

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  • Shibarium, Shiba Inu’s Layer 2, records 34 million transactions in its testnet phase, marking a substantial milestone ahead of its mainnet debut.
  • Shibarium’s Builder Unification unveils a new update, moving both OoO and VOR to the Sepolia testnet, as Goerli approaches its life cycle end.

In a major development in the realm of decentralized finance, Shibarium, the Layer 2 of Shiba Inu, has achieved a remarkable milestone ahead of its mainnet debut. In a recent update, Shibarium’s testnet, Puppynet, recorded an impressive 34 million transactions, reflecting the platform’s rapidly expanding utility. This is a significant leap towards solidifying Shibarium’s position in the market and making a transformative impact in the crypto landscape.

Shibarium’s Noteworthy Progress

The total number of blocks on the Shibarium testnet has also escalated, now resting at 1,938,771, while the number of wallet addresses has expanded to a whopping 17,063,326. These figures speak to the platform’s potential, laying the groundwork for an exciting new chapter in its evolution.

An integral part of this transformation is the Builder Unification update. Shibarium Builder Unification has shared this new update, shifting both OoO and VOR to the Sepolia testnet as Goerli nears its lifecycle end. This noteworthy development is critical as it sets the stage for the project’s impending launch.

The Role of UNoDE in Shibarium’s Development

The launch of UNoDE, as announced by the Builder Unification team, plays a pivotal role in Shibarium’s evolution. The developer of Unification, Ringoshi Toitsu, has underscored the importance of UNoDE for Shibarium. He recently tweeted, “Shibarium relies on UNoDE,” highlighting its vital role in the platform’s functionality.

The phase 1 of UNoDE development is progressing smoothly, and the system is set to operate as a fully decentralized, permission-less subscription service using UND for payments. This development has sparked anticipation in the Shiba Inu community, who eagerly await the mainnet debut.

Promising Developments on the Horizon

Unification has hinted at more exciting developments, particularly for its validators and partner networks, including Shibarium. They are in discussions to explore ways of bringing new benefits and rewards to joint validators of Unification and partner networks. While these plans are still in the early research and development phase, they certainly carry the potential to shake up the DeFi landscape.

The Shibarium network comprises validators, who play a crucial role in maintaining the network, and delegators, who own BONE and opt to support the network. As Shibarium draws closer to its mainnet launch, the unfolding events have left the Shiba Inu community and the wider crypto sphere in eager anticipation.

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