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Build, Contribute, and Triumph: VeChain’s #60DaysOfVeChain is More Than Just a Challenge

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  • VeChain introduces ‘#60DaysOfVeChain’ in partnership with EasyA, targeting the education of 500 developers in creating sustainability-focused blockchain apps.
  • Top developers stand a chance to win accolades and rewards in an in-person hackathon.

Blockchain for a Better Tomorrow: VeChain’s Vision with #60DaysOfVeChain

Since its inception in 2018 with the public blockchain VechainThor, VeChain has remained relentless in its pursuit of breaking down blockchain adoption barriers. The world of blockchain, with its complex web of data, consensus models, and cryptography, can be daunting. VeChain, by constantly innovating its Layer 1 platform, has strived to offer a solution that’s scalable, secure, and commercial, capturing the attention of global enterprises.

Setting Industry Benchmarks

A significant leap in this journey was the recent ‘SURFACE’ or Proof-of-Authority 2.0 upgrade. It represents the zenith in blockchain technology, amalgamating the choicest features of Nakamoto and Byzantine Fault Tolerance Consensus. What does this mean for a layperson? In essence, this upgrade ensures fast, secure transactions on a platform that emits minimal carbon, making it perfect for sustainable decentralized applications.

VeChain’s endeavors don’t stop here. With their new Technology Centre in Ireland, they’ve unveiled a plethora of tools and platforms, like vorj.io, tailored for both fledgling developers and industry mammoths. Moreover, in a nod to fostering unity in the blockchain universe, these tools are harmonized with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, promoting cross-chain cooperation.

The unveiling of ‘#60DaysOfVeChain’, in collaboration with EasyA, is the next chapter in VeChain’s ambitious journey. This initiative beckons developers worldwide to partake in a 60-day coding challenge. Hosted on the EasyA app, a prominent mobile application that’s revolutionizing blockchain coding education, the challenge adopts a ‘learn-to-earn’ approach. As developers hasten their course completion, they stand to unlock a treasure trove of rewards.

But the journey doesn’t culminate here. Of these coding enthusiasts, 250 will be cherry-picked for an in-person hackathon, a grand arena where they can showcase their prowess and stand a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Spotlight on EasyA

Behind this inspiring initiative is EasyA, a brainchild of Phil and Dom Kwok. Positioned as the world’s leading Web3 learning app, EasyA is no ordinary educational platform. With a robust community of over 500,000 developers from top-tier institutions, its influence is palpable. Furthermore, with accolades like Apple’s App of the Day, it is evident that their commitment to quality blockchain education is unparalleled.

As September approaches its denouement, the blockchain community eagerly anticipates more details on this immersive initiative. With VeChain and EasyA at the helm, one thing is clear: the horizon of sustainable blockchain applications is bright and beckoning.

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