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BTCDomain Pioneers Era of On-Chain Websites with Breakthrough Upgrade and Enhanced UX/UI

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  • BTCDomain, a pioneer in Bitcoin-based domains, has launched a major upgrade that simplifies the domain purchasing process, broadens payment options, and provides advanced inscription features.
  • With this upgrade, BTCDomain ushers in a new era of on-chain websites, secured and powered by the Bitcoin blockchain.

BTCDomain, a ground-breaking domain registration platform utilizing Bitcoin’s computational resources, has unveiled an extensive upgrade that revolutionizes the process of domain purchasing and introduces advanced features. This upgrade solidifies BTCDomain’s leadership in leveraging the Bitcoin blockchain for domain hosting, marking a significant stride in the realm of on-chain websites.

In this update, the purchasing of domains has been completely overhauled, providing Bitcoin enthusiasts a seamless interface. Users can authorize the purchase using Unisat, XVerse or other BTC wallets, and even MetaMask is an option. With MetaMask, a series of encryption operations on an EVM address generates a Taproot address on the Bitcoin mainnet.

Immediately after selecting a wallet, users can swiftly proceed to acquire Bitcoin-based domain names. They have the option to select multiple domains to purchase in a single transaction. After selecting the desired domain names, users can finalize the purchase, set the hosting period in years, adjust gas fees, and proceed to payment.

In addition to the Bitcoin payment option, BTCDomain has integrated more diverse payment methods. For instance, users can employ their Unisat wallet, or use USDT, ETH, and other basic tokens processed via MixPay. The MixPay compatibility extends to major altcoins like XRP, SOL, BUSD, Eos, and even meme coins like SHIB and DOGE.

Once the payment is complete, users can check the status of their purchases and domain availability from the “Wallet Address” section.

BTCDomain’s upgrade further features an enhanced inscription interface that allows users to smoothly add and track all types of content stored via the Bitcoin network, including domains, images, and files. With this upgrade, BTCDomain takes the lead in offering fully on-chain websites secured by the Bitcoin blockchain.

“We resolve the domain name to its associated address, locate the link file inscription tied to that address, read the content within the link file, identify the HTML inscription’s number, locate the content on Bitcoin, and present it through your Web2 website explorer,”

explained the BTCDomain team.

This transformative move is supplemented with an upcoming feature: a one-click personal on-chain homepage designed to simplify the creation of personal websites. Andy Tian, co-founder of BTCDomain, believes

“on-chain websites will bring new value empowerment to .btc domains,”

promising a new era of user-friendly access to Bitcoin’s on-chain content.

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