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BRICS Meeting Spells Bitcoin’s Triumph and Fiat’s Downfall, Warns ‘Rich Dad’ Kiyosaki

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  • Robert Kiyosaki, author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ predicts that the next BRICS meeting in August will signal the end of fiat money.
  • Kiyosaki recommends investing in gold, silver, and Bitcoin to protect against the fallout from the impending crash of fiat currency.

Kiyosaki’s Bleak Forecast for Fiat Currency and the Implications for Investors

In a tweet shared on July 13, prominent investor and best-selling author Robert Kiyosaki issued a stark warning about the future of fiat money following the upcoming BRICS meeting in August. Kiyosaki, known for his book ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad,’ believes that the gathering of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa will mark a significant turning point in the fate of traditional currencies.

Expressing concern about a potential recession in the United States, Kiyosaki urges individuals to invest in alternative assets such as gold, silver, and Bitcoin as a means of protecting themselves from the aftermath of the impending economic crash. He anticipates that the BRICS heads of state will announce the introduction of a new gold-backed cryptocurrency, potentially replacing the US dollar as a global trading currency.

Kiyosaki’s prediction suggests that this move by the BRICS nations will hasten the demise of fiat currency, leading to a surge of trillions of US dollars returning to the US and causing a significant rise in inflation. Conversely, he asserts that Bitcoin, a decentralized digital asset, will experience substantial growth, with a projected price level of $120,000 in the coming year.

Moreover, Kiyosaki expresses deep concerns about the state of the US economy, referring to it as being on the “Eve of Destruction.” He voices his skepticism about the leadership and criticizes the central bank for its continued practice of printing more money, which he believes exacerbates the economic challenges faced by the nation.

While Kiyosaki’s predictions may be seen as speculative, they reflect a growing sentiment among some investors and experts who view traditional fiat currencies as vulnerable and seek alternative forms of wealth preservation. As the BRICS meeting approaches, the financial world waits to see if Kiyosaki’s bleak outlook becomes a reality and how it could reshape the global financial landscape.

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