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Breaking Boundaries: Shanghai Tanlian and VeChain Drive Innovation in Double Carbon Strategy

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  • Tanlian partners with VeChain to join the ‘Double Carbon Joint Innovation Lab’, marking a significant step in China’s dual-carbon strategy.
  • This collaboration focuses on blockchain innovation in energy, enhancing digital carbon management and sustainable solutions.

Advancing China’s Dual-Carbon Strategy

In a significant development for China’s dual-carbon strategy, Shanghai-based company Tanlian has successfully joined the ‘Double Carbon Joint Innovation Lab’ in collaboration with blockchain leader VeChain. This partnership marks an essential milestone in integrating blockchain technology into China’s energy sector, aiming to foster sustainability and digital innovation.

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Uniting for Sustainable Solutions

The vision behind the Double Carbon Joint Innovation Lab is to serve China’s dual-carbon strategy through technological empowerment and digital solutions. The lab’s primary focus is on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, leveraging digital intelligence and blockchain technology to support this initiative. The lab’s services are targeted at various sectors including national ministries, local governments, industrial parks, and emission-intensive enterprises.

Collaborative Efforts for R&D and Market Projects

Through collaboration with partners, the lab aims to expand research and development on blockchain plus dual-carbon projects. It focuses on industry consultations, cutting-edge technology enablement, scenario-based solutions, and collaborations between government and enterprise to create a robust industrial ecosystem. Particularly, blockchain technology’s application in the dual-carbon domain is highlighted, offering new methodologies, technologies, and models for efficient energy transformation in the sector.

Shanghai Tanlian’s Role and Future Plans

Shanghai Tanlian Technology Co., Ltd., as a key member of the lab, brings its expertise in digital innovation to the forefront. The company will leverage blockchain technology to build a dual-carbon management platform, addressing the entire lifecycle of carbon emission data storage and interconnectivity. This platform aims to provide end-to-end digital solutions for carbon emission reporting, certification acquisition, and internal carbon management improvement for enterprises.

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Additionally, it will offer services for government and industrial parks, including emission statistics, industry analysis, and comprehensive carbon management.

About the Double Carbon Joint Innovation Lab

The Double Carbon Joint Innovation Lab in Hefei was initiated by entities like the Sinochem Innovation Research Institute, China Mobile, China Quality Certification Center, and Ping An Financial OneConnect. The lab focuses on industry digitalization, blockchain technology standards, and building national, local, and industry-level carbon management platforms. It aims to accelerate the deployment of a collaborative lab chain with verification capabilities among enterprises, inspection agencies, and regulatory authorities, promoting trusted digital construction for carbon reduction and neutrality.


The partnership between VeChain and Tanlian in the Double Carbon Joint Innovation Lab represents a significant stride in China’s journey towards a sustainable future. By harnessing blockchain technology, the collaboration seeks to innovate in carbon management and digital solutions, contributing to China’s carbon neutrality goals and global sustainable development.

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