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Botev Plovdiv FC Scores a Goal in the Future with Bitcoin Integration

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  • Botev Plovdiv FC, Bulgaria’s most historic football club, has officially adopted Bitcoin as a payment method for fan merchandise and future ticket purchases.
  • The football club is also establishing its digital footprint on the decentralized social protocol Nostr, aligning itself with the latest web3 innovations.

Botev Plovdiv FC Marches to the Future

In a strategic move towards modernization and embracing digital innovation, Botev Plovdiv FC, the most venerable football club in Bulgaria, has announced the integration of Bitcoin payments into its operations. This development is a significant part of the club’s futuristic initiatives, marking a new era in how fans interact and support their favorite team.

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The integration of Bitcoin payments is not just a nod to modern technology but a well-thought-out strategy to enhance the fan experience. Supporters can now use Bitcoin for peer-to-peer transactions, purchasing merchandise at the club’s fan shops and central stands during matches. The club is not stopping there; plans are underway to extend Bitcoin payments for game tickets and online store purchases.

Anton Zingarevich, the club’s president, expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking integration. He emphasized the transformative potential of Bitcoin, drawing parallels to the early days of the internet. Zingarevich foresees a future where Bitcoin payments are as ubiquitous as internet use, providing unmatched convenience to fans and stakeholders alike.

Supporting the Bitcoin Ecosystem

The integration of Bitcoin payments is backed by a robust technical support system. Botev Plovdiv FC has partnered with for technical assistance and to provide Bitcoin point-of-sale devices, ensuring a smooth and secure transaction experience for the users.

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Additionally, the club has entered into a partnership with BTCPayServer, utilizing its comprehensive payment infrastructure to power the Bitcoin transactions. Nicolas Dorier, the founder of BTCPayServer, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the company’s commitment to promoting local Bitcoin adoption in 2023.

A Step Towards Decentralization and Innovation

The adoption of Bitcoin is not the only digital innovation Botev Plovdiv FC is embracing. The club is also establishing its presence on Nostr, a decentralized social protocol, marking its entry into the world of web3 and decentralized technologies. This move aligns with the club’s vision of staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that it remains relevant and appealing to its global fan base.

As a testament to their commitment to adopting Bitcoin, the club is offering a 10% discount on all products purchased with the cryptocurrency throughout November, providing an incentive for fans to dive into the world of crypto payments. This strategic move not only places Botev Plovdiv FC on the map of innovation in sports but also demonstrates a strong belief in the future of decentralized digital currencies.

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