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BONK Trader Makes Millions Trading BONK and Dogecoin (DOGE) Rival

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  • A profitable trader who previously earned $6.9 million trading Bonk (BONK) has re-entered the market by purchasing over three billion BONK tokens.
  • Lookonchain also reports significant moves in Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) by whales, with one selling off holdings and making over $5 million, while another acquired nearly 400 WBTC.

Reinvigorated Trader’s Bullish Move on Dogecoin Rival

In a significant turn of events, a trader who had previously amassed a substantial profit of $6.9 million trading Bonk (BONK) has re-emerged in the cryptocurrency market with a renewed bullish sentiment, this time favoring the Dogecoin (DOGE) rival. On-chain data from blockchain tracking firm Lookonchain unveils the trader’s latest move.

Trader’s BONK Accumulation

Lookonchain’s report sheds light on the trader’s recent activities. The trader, who initially made an impressive profit on BONK, decided to reinvest in the token by purchasing over three billion BONK coins. This strategic move involved an expenditure of 386 SOL, equivalent to $40,000.

The trader’s history with BONK reveals an intriguing journey. Over a span of nine months, the trader managed to accumulate a staggering 371.4 billion BONK tokens, investing just 6,998 SOL, approximately $276,000. During the peak of the BONK surge, the trader wisely sold half of their holdings, generating an impressive 50,139 SOL, equivalent to $5.2 million.

Currently, BONK is trading at a price of $0.0000138, exhibiting an increase of more than 13% in the last 24 hours.

Whale Moves in Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

Apart from the trader’s bold re-entry into the cryptocurrency market, Lookonchain also identified notable activities involving Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) by whale investors.

One significant move observed was a whale’s decision to sell off their WBTC holdings as the price experienced a sudden rally. This savvy investor managed to realize a profit of over $5 million by selling 355 WBTC for 15.9 million USDT, with WBTC priced at $44,875 during the week.

Conversely, another whale exhibited a bullish stance on WBTC. This particular investor acquired a substantial amount, approximately 400 WBTC, by spending 18.25 million USDC. The average buying price for this acquisition was approximately $46,689 per WBTC.

At the time of writing, Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) was trading at $46,234, displaying a modest increase of over 1% in the last 24 hours.

These recent developments in the cryptocurrency market reflect the dynamic nature of the industry, where experienced traders and whales continue to make strategic moves, impacting the values and trajectories of various digital assets.

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