Worlds first light bulb blockchain

We’re certainly in the future now.

Blockchainfirst, a company born from Juergen Schaar’s enchantment with blockchain technology, wishes to bring together IoT devices and blockchain technology.

Blockchainfirst, currently headquartered in Singapore, Germany, and Thailand, has clients that expand all over the globe. Their ideology is to train, consult, and develop for customers of all backgrounds and varieties, specializing in creating amazing ideas in an agile and open-minded fashion. They truly believe that the Internet of Things (IoT) can become a wide-spread reality if IoT Devices are small and able to interact with blockchains. Their ecosystem that they have created that connects IoT to the blockchain, is called Ethan BIoT©.

Introducing their newest product, the Ethan BIoT© World’s First Lightbulb

This light bulb is connected to the Ethereum blockchain and is your standard LED light bulb with the Ethan BIoT© technology inside. A user could send a small amount of Ether to the address of the light bulb and it will turn on after the payment amount is consumed. The idea behind this lightbulb is to show that Blockchainfirst can integrate their Ethan BIoT© device in almost every appliance or machines such as a car or washing machine. They hope that in time consumers will move from the typical purchasing model of buying the standard appliances outright, and over to a free appliance with a pay-per-use model.

Blockchainfirst will also be presenting a number of their projects at Demo Day in Shanghai during International Blockchain Week. They will present the Ethan BIoT© Device, which is a tiny chip with an assortment of possibilities.

  • Built-in Wifi Module
  • Small Footprint
  • Ready-to-use for Blockchain Dapps, Mobile and Web Applications
  • Hardware Crypto
  • Integrated Device Management (OTA)
  • Development Platform for Startups and Enterprises
  • SDK for Developing Customized Applications
  • Secure Communication
  • Easy to Integrate in Almost Every Device
  • Affordable
  • Optimal for Demo and Educational Purposes
  • Inputs/Outputs for Control, Measure and Capture
  • iOS and Android App for Controlling Ethan IoT© Devices

Other products they’re presenting at their booth:

  • Ethan BIoT© Gate/Door Opener
    • Opens a gate or door with Ether payments.
  • Ethan BIoT© Smart Meter
    • Pay with Ether and get electricity, gas, water, and amounts of heat.
  • Ethan BIoT© Dispenser/Vending Machine
    • Buy a product at a vending machine and pay with Ether

Blockchainfirst’s Ethan BIoT© Ecosystem consists of a few moving parts. Smart contracts that interact with devices, mobile apps for easier configuration and user control, device management software, linking abilities, tools to build your own BIoT© Eco System, cloud services, and apps and Dapps.

To learn more about this innovative company and their assortment of products, head to their site and visit them at their booth in Shanghai during International Blockchain Week.

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over seven years. During the last few years, she has been heavily influenced by blockchain tech, virtual currencies, and Ethereum.
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