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Blockchain Powerhouse tokentus Investment AG to Mentor XRPL Accelerator Program by Ripple

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  • Ripple collaborates with tokentus investment AG to bolster the XRPL Accelerator Program, a vital initiative for XRP Ledger projects.
  • The partnership aims to expand and accelerate projects within the XRPL community, building on Ripple’s prior commitment of 1 billion XRP to developer resources.

Strengthening the XRP Ledger Ecosystem

Ripple Labs, in the spotlight recently due to heightened interest in the XRP lawsuit, has entered into a strategic alliance with Frankfurt’s tokentus investment AG. This collaboration is set to amplify efforts under Ripple‘s XRPL Accelerator Program, a key initiative supporting startups and fostering the development of projects on the XRP Ledger (XRPL).

The XRP Ledger stands out in the blockchain realm as an open-source, energy-efficient, and decentralized layer-1 blockchain. Ripple, an industry giant offering enterprise blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions, remains at the forefront of this effort. Their commitment to the XRPL ecosystem is evident from their allocation of a whopping 1 billion XRP towards developer resources, inclusive of the XRPL Grants Program.

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This program, an extension of the original XRPL Grants initiative unveiled in 2021, has so far endorsed over 100 projects, infusing them with more than $13 million in funding.

tokentus: A Catalyst for Growth

Tokentus investment AG isn’t a novice in the financial world. With a track record of investing in diverse assets like financial assets, equity, token investments, and blockchain-centric venture capital funds, it brings substantial clout to this partnership. Their involvement will undeniably play a pivotal role in mentoring startups under the XRPL Accelerator Program.

Oliver Michel, the CEO of Tokentus Investment AG, conveyed optimism about the partnership, emphasizing its potential in expanding the XRPL ecosystem. He stressed the importance of technology in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. For tokentus, having direct access to potential targets and collaborating with robust co-investors is crucial.

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The company’s growth strategy hinges on its ever-expanding network of co-investors, which facilitates acquisitions of international financial investments and company stakes directly intertwined with blockchain technology and Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) structures.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that Ripple’s XRP holds a unique distinction: it’s the sole token in the U.S. recognized legally as non-securities, setting it apart from other major cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum (ETH). This legal status further cements Ripple‘s position in the blockchain landscape and augments the significance of its partnership with tokentus AG.

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