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Blending Art and AI: Architect Tina Marinaki’s Visionary Reimagining of Athens

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  • New York-based Greek architect Tina Marinaki integrates AI tools into her creative process, forming an online community around her AI-assisted reinterpretations of Athens.
  • Marinaki faces challenges in translating artistic visions into AI-generated images, highlighting issues of algorithmic bias and the potential for AI to contribute to data optimization in construction.

Art Meets AI: A New Creative Frontier

The rapid evolution of generative artificial intelligence (AI) is redefining the boundaries of artistic creation. Companies like Meta and OpenAI have been instrumental in this shift, introducing powerful AI video and image-generating tools. As these advancements gather pace, artists like Tina Marinaki are grappling with the integration of these novel tools into their creative workflow while preserving their unique artistic vision.

Tina Marinaki’s Visionary Project

Marinaki, a Greek architect based in New York, has embraced AI to enhance her creative explorations. Her project,

“Athens Surreal,” reinvents the ancient cityscape of Athens, garnering a substantial following on Instagram. This endeavor stems from her curiosity to understand various AI tools and experiment with a “different, sometimes romantic, sometimes utopian, futuristic Athens.”

Technical Challenges and Cultural Translations

One major challenge Marinaki encounters is the “translation” of ideas to the AI systems. The selection and sequence of words can significantly alter the resulting images. She notes that algorithmic biases related to ethnicity, gender, and stereotypes are prevalent when AI is trained on biased data. However, she also recognizes AI’s potential to enhance the field of construction through data optimization.

AI’s Role in Cultural Interpretation

A significant aspect of Marinaki’s work involves translating Greek culture into AI systems. Given the complex and human-centric nature of culture, Marinaki’s task is to impart a subjective essence of Greek culture to the AI. Her architectural background aids in this process, helping her select and reinterpret spatial landmarks and everyday Athenian scenes for AI recreation. She believes that the AI-generated result, while driven by a defined randomness algorithm, is still guided by human imagination.

Enthusiastic Reception and Future Perspectives

Marinaki’s reimagined Athens has been warmly received by her Greek audience, who appreciate the surreal and dreamlike quality of her AI-generated images. Her work represents a dialogue between the past and the future, where technology helps preserve and recreate historical elements. Marinaki emphasizes the importance of a healthy relationship with AI and the need for regulatory frameworks to address challenges like propaganda, fake news, and algorithmic biases.

In conclusion, Marinaki’s journey with AI in her artistic practice not only showcases the potential of this technology in creative domains but also highlights the intricate relationship between human imagination and machine learning. Her work stands as a testament to the power of AI in enhancing and transforming our perception of culture and history.

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