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BlackRock’s Bitcoin Acquisition Strategy Differs: Mining as Key Stakeholder in 4 of the World’s 5 Largest BTC Mining Enterprises – Riot, Marathon, Cipher, Hut 8, and TeraWulf

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  • BlackRock, a global investment behemoth, has taken significant stakes in four out of the five largest Bitcoin mining companies, becoming their second-largest shareholder.
  • This move situates BlackRock as a key player in the Bitcoin Mining Council, even as the Bitcoin mining industry faces increasing costs and diminishing returns.

Navigating the Complex Landscape of Bitcoin Mining

In a move that signals both confidence and opportunism, BlackRock, one of the world’s largest investment companies, is making calculated entries into the turbulent waters of Bitcoin mining. As per the CompaniesMarketCap Index, the aggregate market capitalization of the five biggest Bitcoin miners stands at approximately $5.4 billion. Among these, BlackRock has strategically positioned itself as the second-largest shareholder in Riot Platforms Inc., Marathon Digital Holdings Inc., Cipher Mining Inc., and Hut 8 Mining Corp.

For those not fully versed in the intricacies of cryptocurrency, “Bitcoin mining” refers to the computational process that validates transactions and secures the Bitcoin network. However, this endeavor is becoming increasingly costly and complex due to the rising “mining difficulty,” a parameter that makes it more computationally intensive to mine new Bitcoins. The average Bitcoin miner has been operating at a loss, colloquially termed as ‘underwater,’ for over a year.

Capitalizing on Industry Challenges: A Risk or Reward Scenario?

Given the existing adversities, one might question BlackRock’s sizable involvement. However, it’s crucial to apply deductive reasoning here. The struggles faced by small to medium Bitcoin miners are actually creating a conducive environment for larger entities, who can leverage their robust capital reserves to not only survive but thrive amid challenges. It appears that BlackRock has identified this window of opportunity and has been scaling up its holdings.

According to data from Finbold, as of June 30, BlackRock Fund Advisors increased their stakes in these miners, resulting in impressive tallies:

RIOT: 10,749,369 shares (6.14%) valued at $199.08 million

MARA: 10,938,032 shares (6.44%) valued at $190 million

CIFR: 2,200,654 shares (0.88%) valued at $8.36 million

WULF: 4,831,312 shares (2.28%) valued at $14.10 million

When calculated, these stakes coalesce into a sum of approximately $411.54 million. While this might seem a massive commitment, it actually comprises a meager 0.35% of BlackRock’s reported $117.6 billion in assets for 2022. Thus, it seems a carefully hedged bet rather than a full-throttle investment.

By virtue of these holdings, BlackRock Fund Advisors has also emerged as a vital member of the Bitcoin Mining Council, a lobbying group that aims to represent and promote the interests of the Bitcoin mining industry in the U.S.

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