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Bitcoin’s Price Surge Imminent: Analyst’s Insight on New Highs, Chainlink’s Last Correction

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  • Bitcoin’s Potential Ascent: Michaël van de Poppe anticipates Bitcoin’s rise to the $29,000-30,000 bracket, signaling record highs.
  • Chainlink’s Prospective Breakout: Van de Poppe predicts a concluding correction for Chainlink, laying the groundwork for a significant rally.

Bitcoin’s Trajectory: Aiming for Skyrocketing Peaks

Leading crypto trader Michaël van de Poppe has frequently been a voice of authority in the digital currency realm. With a substantial following of 668,000 on the social media conduit X, he recently shared his prognosis regarding Bitcoin’s imminent trajectory. Van de Poppe projects that the flagship cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, is gearing up to breach the $29,000-30,000 range, setting the stage for unprecedented highs. This forecast comes as Bitcoin stands at a valuation of $27,984, showcasing a 2.1% surge over the past day.

Expanding on his analysis, van de Poppe noted that Bitcoin exhibited signs of consolidation in recent days. Such consolidative patterns in the dominant crypto often serve as precursors, potentially invigorating the momentum of select altcoins. He remarked,

“The highlight altcoins from the past weeks have undergone a significant correction. But with Bitcoin’s ongoing consolidation, a momentum resurgence in these assets can be anticipated over the ensuing days.”

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Chainlink’s Upcoming Rally: The Last Leg of Correction

Simultaneously, van de Poppe delved deep into the prospects of Chainlink (LINK), a decentralized oracle network. His analysis underscores the likelihood of LINK undergoing a terminal correction, post which a breakout might be on the horizon — a rally possibly extending into 2024. The crypto savant expressed his anticipation of Chainlink undergoing slight retests around the $7 mark, which could potentially serve as buying opportunities, paving the path for an eventual rise towards the $12-15 zone.

Upon revisiting his analysis, van de Poppe confirmed that Chainlink showcased the predicted correctional behavior, hinting at an impending upward breakout. He observed,

“LINK manifested a notable response. While it hasn’t hit my anticipated level, the prevailing dynamics suggest a forthcoming upward breakout.”

For context, at the point of analysis, Chainlink (LINK) is priced at $7.63, marking a 1.7% uptick within the past day’s trading session.

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