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Bitcoin’s Path to $130K: A Post-Halving Prediction

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  • Analyst models predict Bitcoin will soar to around $130,000 by the close of 2025.
  • Contrary perspectives emerge, with some suggesting potential downturns before the next bull surge.

Deducing Bitcoin’s Potential Post-Halving Leap

The crypto community is abuzz with speculations and analytical models predicting Bitcoin‘s (BTC) journey in the post-2024 halving landscape. A prominent voice in this discourse is trader and analyst CryptoCon, who recently shared his insights on X (previously known as Twitter). Drawing from multiple BTC price models, he postulates a target close to $130,000 by 2025’s end.

Converging Forecasts: The Magnetic $130K

While interpretations vary on how Bitcoin‘s price might react to the upcoming block subsidy halving in 2024, CryptoCon’s analysis portrays a bullish future. After meticulously charting Bitcoin’s price cycles, their apexes, and nadirs, he underscores the recurring attraction to the $130,000 price point.

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Delving into his research, CryptoCon emphasized the emergence of “early” tops within each price cycle, preceding the actual cycle apex that defines a fresh all-time high. Historically, these early tops have been observed to manifest roughly three weeks around July 9. In contrast, new all-time highs tend to surface three weeks surrounding November 28—a pattern previously spotlighted by Cointelegraph.

The methodology behind pinpointing these temporal markers stems from plotting elementary diagonal trendlines, commencing from the inaugural early top. Employing this strategy, CryptoCon elucidated,

“Doing this has found the price of the last two cycle tops exactly, and with our trend from the last cycle, gives us a price of about 138k.”

Thus, while he remains vigilant to possible price dips, CryptoCon ardently believes that the

“stars are aligning at 130k for Bitcoin this cycle.”

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In tandem with this model’s timing, 2025 emerges as the probable year for Bitcoin‘s next cycle pinnacle, approximating twice the previous record established in 2021.

The Cyclical Dance of Bulls and Bears

The four-year halving cycles traditionally offer a navigational compass for many seasoned Bitcoin market observers. Another influential commentator, Rekt Capital, accentuates the possibility of 2023 ushering in new local troughs before the bull market truly flexes its muscle.

Reflecting on past trends, he indicated,

“At this same point in the cycle (~180 days before the Halving)… BTC retraced -25% in 2015/2016 and -38% in 2019.”

He then posits the perennial question: will history repeat, or will 2023 script a distinct narrative?

Regardless of potential downturns, Rekt Capital champions the perspective that any fresh lows present golden re-accumulation opportunities.

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