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Bitcoin’s Big Countdown: What to Expect from the Upcoming Halving

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  • The upcoming Bitcoin Halving will reduce miner rewards to 3.125 BTC per block.
  • Historical data indicates a connection between Bitcoin’s inflation rate and its price, but the Stock-to-Flow model’s accuracy is debated.

The Science Behind Bitcoin’s Value: The Stock-to-Flow Model

Many within the cryptocurrency community still remember the buzz around the Stock-to-Flow model. Introduced by the enigmatic Bitcoin analyst known as PlanB, this model presents a seemingly straightforward yet profound theory. At its core, the value of a monetary asset like Bitcoin is heavily influenced by its scarcity.

Scarcity, in this context, isn’t just a term thrown around; it has a clear definition. It refers to the rate of dilution (Flow) added to its existing amount (Stock) over time. And if this rate is immutable – as it is with Bitcoin – all the better. In essence, PlanB’s proposition suggests that Bitcoin’s price primarily hinges on this very factor of scarcity.

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Historical data seems to back up this theory to an extent. A statistically significant correlation was found between Bitcoin‘s inflation rate (defined as the increase in supply) and its market value. With the emergence of the Stock-to-Flow model came a renewed, unshakeable optimism with every Halving event, where miners’ rewards for block discoveries are halved.

However, a glance at recent history suggests a twist in the tale. Four years post the original unveiling of PlanB’s paper, it’s evident that the Stock-to-Flow model has had its shortcomings. While Bitcoin‘s price did witness positive movement after the 2020 Halving, it still stands far from the projected $100,000 mark.

Does this imply that the Halving event lacks any significant price impact? Not necessarily. The impending Bitcoin Halving is very likely to influence BTC prices. However, the supply shock might play a more nuanced role than previously anticipated.

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