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Bitcoin: The Future’s Answer to Age-old Problems

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  • Bitcoin, beyond being a digital currency, could potentially resolve challenges originating from our abstract minds, providing solutions to age-old dilemmas in resource management and mental health.
  • With Bitcoin and Artificial Intelligence, we can reduce the burden on our minds, allowing for healthier, more harmonious lives, thus overcoming inherent human challenges highlighted by the Calm Pond and Power Projection theories.

Bitcoin, renowned as a pioneering digital currency, extends beyond mere financial transactions. It is more than just a technological advancement superseding traditional banking systems and financial institutions. The true essence of Bitcoin lies in its potential to solve deeply ingrained human predicaments, tracing back to the advent of our abstract-thinking minds. These issues, manifested in the complex use of symbols, language, and, crucially, money, have been highlighted by two conceptual theories – the Calm Pond Theory and Power Projection Theory.

The Conundrum of the Abstract Mind

The Calm Pond theory, metaphorically likening the human brain to a pond, elucidates the fundamental struggle with modern cognitive demands. As the theory suggests, a mind at peace, reminiscent of a calm pond, enables the brain to effectively decipher and react to incoming information. This mental state likely typified ancient humans, indicating a substantial health concern as we construct a technology-driven society that incessantly demands analytical cognition, potentially eroding our physical and mental well-being.

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On the other hand, the Power Projection theory, illuminating the inherent human dilemma in managing resources and establishing power hierarchies, also links back to our abstract thinking abilities. While our brains’ abstract capacities birthed complex language and storytelling, they also introduced concepts of money and logical thinking. As the theory reveals, humans developed a system of abstract power projection to organize resources and avoid physical violence. Still, these systems frequently collapse under the scrutiny of nature, which only acknowledges resource organization through physical power, leading to inevitable cycles of temporary peace and devastating wars.

Bitcoin: The Answer to the Abstract Dilemma

These two theories converge on a shared theme – the abstract thinking that has been a catalyst for human advancement also bears significant drawbacks. In both scenarios, Bitcoin emerges as a groundbreaking solution.

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Bitcoin, as posited by Lowry, employs physical power to manage resources, thereby reconciling our abstract power systems’ fragility. It becomes a peaceful means to organize resources, ending the cycle of peace and conflict dictated by our reliance on abstract power systems.

Regarding the Calm Pond theory, Bitcoin, paired with Artificial Intelligence, provides a way to reduce the load on our minds. As these technologies mature, they can assume the tasks our abstract-thinking mind has traditionally performed. This could afford us more freedom to focus on mindfulness and physical well-being, enabling our minds to return to a calm state more in sync with our innate nature.

Thus, Bitcoin surpasses its financial definition. It stands as a revolutionary force, tackling some of the most enduring human issues. Its advent heralds a time in history teeming with potential, where societal harmony and mental peace might flourish in unprecedented ways.


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