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Bitcoin Mining Shakeup: Antpool Dethrones Foundry USA in Monthly Blocks Mined

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  • Antpool, affiliated with Bitmain, has surpassed Foundry USA by mining 1,219 Bitcoin blocks in November, marking a significant shift in the mining landscape.
  • This achievement aligns with Bitmain’s import of 37 EH/s worth of Antminer S19XP to the U.S., indicating a strategic expansion in their mining capabilities.

Antpool’s Strategic Rise to the Top

In a remarkable development within the Bitcoin mining sector, Antpool, closely associated with the industry giant Bitmain, has successfully claimed the top spot in Bitcoin block mining. For the first time since January 2022, Antpool has outperformed Foundry USA in terms of monthly block mining output, a significant shift in the cryptocurrency mining landscape.

A Symbiotic Growth with Bitmain’s Expansion

The surge in Antpool’s mining capabilities is not an isolated event. It correlates with Bitmain’s strategic import of 37 exahashes per second (EH/s) in mining power, specifically the Antminer S19XP models, to its subsidiary in the United States. These imports, amounting to over 4,800 metric tons, were conducted between June and November, as reported by TheMinerMag.

This massive import of high-performance mining equipment is a clear indicator of Bitmain’s commitment to enhancing its mining operations in the U.S. The timing of these imports, coinciding with Antpool’s rising hashrate, suggests a deliberate effort to bolster Antpool’s mining capacity.

Underlying Complexities in Mining Data

Despite Antpool’s apparent dominance in the number of blocks mined, there remains an intriguing disparity when comparing real-time hashrate data. Reports from BTC.com indicate that Antpool’s self-reported real-time hashrate consistently falls short of Foundry USA’s figures. This discrepancy raises questions about potential variance in mining luck or possible underreporting issues.

The Broader Implications

Antpool’s ascent to the forefront of Bitcoin mining is not just a testament to its operational efficiency but also signifies a larger trend in the global mining landscape. Post China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining in 2021, North America has emerged as a new hub for Bitcoin mining activities. Foundry USA’s previous dominance was a direct result of this geographical shift in mining operations.

In conclusion, Antpool’s recent achievement underscores the dynamic and evolving nature of the Bitcoin mining industry. As the landscape continues to shift, the strategies and technological advancements of major players like Bitmain and Antpool will undoubtedly shape the future of cryptocurrency mining.

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