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Bitcoin Bulls on the Move: Will $81,000 Be the New All-Time High?

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  • The recent dovish comments by the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) mirror the events of early 2019, when Bitcoin experienced a significant surge.
  • Bitcoin’s current value is $26,800, marking a 62% gain year-to-date.

Recent updates from the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) have stirred memories of early 2019 within the crypto community, an era which witnessed a dramatic Bitcoin rally. Now, with the current economic landscape mirroring similar events, Bitcoin enthusiasts are speculating on another potential surge according to CoinDesk’s update.

Starting from early 2022, the Fed increased interest rates by 525 basis points in a bid to curb inflation. Such liquidity tightening cycles have historically impacted risk assets, Bitcoin being no exception. However, this week marked a change in the tide. Federal Reserve policymakers, including Atlanta Fed Bank President Raphael Bostic and Minneapolis Fed President Neel Kashkari, hinted that future rate hikes might not be on the horizon. This sentiment was further echoed by Dallas Fed President Lorie Logan and Fed Governor Christopher Waller who suggested that the rising Treasury yields might have made additional hikes redundant.

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Echoes from the Past and Future Speculations

Drawing parallels from the past, the Fed’s rate cycle that lasted until December 2018 peaked at 2.5%. Post this peak, the central bank went into observation mode for the next seven months. During this window, Bitcoin, after reaching its lowest in December 2018, climbed to a staggering $13,880 by June 2019.

Markus Thielen, a leading figure in research and strategy, highlighted this historical context in a note to clients, emphasizing that the recent events align with the Fed’s previous patterns. He drew attention to the fact that just like four years ago, the current pause in the Fed’s tightening cycle precedes the anticipated bullish Bitcoin blockchain’s mining reward halving.

Thielen further noted,

“Reflecting on 2019, the seven-month pause post the Fed’s rate-hiking cycle coincided with a 325% surge in Bitcoin’s price.”

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He added that the present macroeconomic scenario strongly echoes 2019, where a pause in rate hikes led to a bullish run for Bitcoin.

Navigating the Future Landscape

While historical data suggests a favorable upward trend for Bitcoin, a sudden pivot by the Fed towards rate cuts may introduce volatility. Thielen advises traders to understand the rationale behind such rate cuts. He believes that cuts driven by economic frailty and declining inflation could carry bearish implications for the cryptocurrency.

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