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Bitcoin Ascends to $36K: Unpriced ETFs Suggest More Room to Grow

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  • Bitcoin’s price spike to $36,000 signifies a 30% increase within the last month, bolstered by optimistic market sentiments.
  • Bitwise’s Chief Investment Officer, Matt Hougan, suggests the potential approval of a Bitcoin ETF has not been factored into current prices, signaling possible further gains.

Bitcoin Soars as Market Anticipates ETF Impact

Bitcoin’s valuation reached a momentary peak of $36,000 in the recent surge, according to data from CoinDesk Indices. In the early trading hours in Asia, this leading digital currency has not just seen a significant monthly uptick of 30% but also a remarkable annual increase of 93%.

Behind the Bitcoin Bull Run

While this acceleration in Bitcoin’s value is already noteworthy, the digital asset community is abuzz with a crucial factor that could amplify future valuations: the approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). Bitwise Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer, Matt Hougan, in dialogue with CoinDesk, presented a compelling perspective that challenges the current market narrative.

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Hougan reasons that the potential impact of an ETF has not yet been incorporated into Bitcoin’s price. The rationale is rooted in the target demographic for the ETF—financial advisors and the broader investor pool—who, according to Hougan, are largely unaware of the ETF’s impending arrival. He elucidates that the majority of advisors, who command significant wealth, do not anticipate an ETF approval until 2025 or beyond. If the primary buyers have yet to factor in this development, it stands to reason that the market pricing would not reflect it either.

Opening the Cryptocurrency Gateway

An ETF, Hougan propounds, is instrumental in democratizing access to cryptocurrency investments, serving as a gateway for financial advisors and institutional investors who represent the majority of America’s wealth. At present, despite 20% of self-directed retail investors dabbling in crypto, 80% of the nation’s wealth is managed by a segment that awaits the convenience and security an ETF would offer.

Drawing parallels with the historic ascent of gold prices following the launch of a gold ETF, Hougan suggests a similar trajectory could be anticipated for Bitcoin. He notes that the longest consecutive yearly price increase for gold occurred post-ETF inception. Bitcoin could be on the cusp of a similar pattern.

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The BlackRock Effect

Further adding to this sentiment is the psychological boost the market received from BlackRock’s application for a spot Bitcoin ETF in June. Hougan points out that the mere filing by the investment giant, coupled with CEO Larry Fink’s comments on Bitcoin, helped dispel the specter of negativity left by the FTX collapse—referencing the controversy surrounding Sam Bankman-Fried.

In summary, while the price of Bitcoin has seen considerable growth, the full potential uplift from ETF speculation is possibly still on the horizon, awaiting the convergence of approval news and broader market awareness.

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