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Bitcoin and Ether ETF Approvals in Focus as Crypto Inflows Top $1 Billion

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  • Grayscale Bitcoin Trust’s discount continues to narrow, reflecting growing market optimism and anticipation for the approval of spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs.
  • Investor enthusiasm is evident with fund holdings at an all-time high and trading activity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) soaring.

The crypto market is witnessing a significant thaw, particularly in the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), as discounts continue to narrow, fueled by growing anticipation for the approval of spot Bitcoin and Ether Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

Market Confidence Soars as Grayscale Trust’s Discount Shrinks Significantly

The GBTC, managed by Grayscale Investments, has seen its discount to net asset value reduce to 10.35%, the lowest since July 2021. This narrowing discount, down from nearly 50% during last year’s crypto winter, signals a positive shift in investor sentiment. Recent discussions between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Grayscale about converting the GBTC to a spot Bitcoin ETF are further bolstering this optimism.

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ETF Anticipation Drives Investor Inflows

The prospect of a spot Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. has led to record-high Bitcoin fund holdings, with total inflows surpassing $1 billion this year. The market’s upbeat mood was further elevated by BlackRock’s recent announcement of plans to issue an Ether-based ETF, pushing ETH to a seven-month high and outperforming Bitcoin.

ETF Landscape Transforms: BlackRock’s Confidence Signals Imminent Approval

In a CoinDesk TV interview, Kenny Estes, CEO of Diffuse Funds, highlighted BlackRock’s application for an ether ETF as a strong indicator of the imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF.

“The fact that they’re putting in an Ethereum application, to me, sounds like it’s a predetermined outcome that it will be approved,”

Estes remarked, reflecting the widespread belief in the financial sector.

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Impact on Decentralized Exchanges

The anticipation of ETF approvals has also been mirrored in the activity on decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Trading volumes on DEXs have hit a six-month high, with traders shifting from altcoins to Ether. This trend indicates a growing preference for more established cryptocurrencies in the face of potential ETF approvals.

The Layer-2 Landscape

Layer-2 blockchains are also seeing significant activity.

“Recent extreme market volatility showed Arbitrum is still the lead performer in the L2 race,”

said Ben Yorke, WOO Ecosystem VP. Ethereum‘s dominant position is further strengthened by the volume it oversees, surpassing all Layer 2 scaling solutions combined.


The narrowing discount of the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust and the all-time high in fund holdings are clear indicators of rising market confidence, largely driven by expectations for the approval of spot Bitcoin and Ether ETFs. These developments, along with increased trading activity on DEXs and the focus on Layer-2 solutions, mark a pivotal moment in the cryptocurrency market, showcasing a shift towards more stability and institutional acceptance in the digital asset space.

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Jane Smith
Jane Smith
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