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Bitcoin and De-Dollarization: BRICS and ASEAN Lead the Way as 21 Nations Reject the Dollar

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  • BRICS and ASEAN alliances prioritize local currencies, hinting at a future where digital currencies like Bitcoin may gain prominence.
  • The move by 21 countries away from the U.S. dollar is influenced by concerns over potential U.S. sanctions and the aim to empower their local economies.

We are thrilled in the development on ASEAN to switch to local currency use in the region to avoid crisis. In recent developments, Watcher Guru highlighted a report from Business Standard detailing ASEAN’s enthusiasm in local currency utilization to accelerate regional transactions. If ASEAN countries could use their local currencies, transactions and payments can be conducted faster and able to tackle the global crisis, stated Warjiyo.

“Developing nations are now recognizing the urgent need to diversify their financial strategies, especially in the face of potential geopolitical challenges,” states financial analyst Dr. Marco Vidal.

The sentiment reflects the concerns of countries fearing U.S. sanctions and emphasizes the growing push towards strengthening local currencies.

ASEAN Spearheads the Movement

Come March 2023, the ASEAN bloc made its stance clear. Ten Southeast Asian nations chose to move away from the U.S. dollar for their cross-border transactions.

“This decision is not just about economic autonomy; it’s about reshaping the future of trade in Southeast Asia,” comments Singapore’s Finance Minister, Leah Tan.

BRICS Steps Up with a Grand Vision

August 2023 saw the BRICS alliance, consisting of powerhouses like Brazil, Russia, and India, making a similar move. Their collective decision to side-step the U.S. dollar in global trade settlements is paired with an even grander vision – introducing a shared currency for their members. With these steps, a total of 21 nations show a resolute intent to distance themselves from the U.S. dollar come 2023.

Where Bitcoin Fits In

In the backdrop of this global financial reshuffling, Bitcoin’s role is becoming increasingly prominent. As countries scout for U.S. dollar alternatives, decentralized currencies present an appealing solution. They offer efficiency, transparency, and security, qualities that nations are eager to embrace. The strides taken by ASEAN and BRICS might inadvertently catalyze Bitcoin’s ascent in the international financial landscape.

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