Benefactory launches common press

Benefactory, a new crowdfunding decentralized application, has launched its first commonwealth, Common Press.

In today’s age, news coverage focuses on the number of viewers it receives rather than the value of its content. Advertising will continue to flow towards the clickbait content while leaving necessary stories in the background.

Common Press aims to produce coverage that is essential to many different communities. Over the years, Common Press continues to “keep covering issues that aren’t being covered, especially this decentralization renaissance that’s still invisible to so many.”

Through the commonwealth, these communities, and their publications can work together to fund more comprehensive stories. These communities will commission pieces they want to be covered, which will eventually be published anywhere.

Common Press wants to bring communities together on an international level. Communities can fund better translations on reports and transcripts for more accurate dialogue.

Benefactory signals to the Ethereum community and the lack of coverage DEVCON receives. Common Press wants to open the door to more mainstream coverage on the event and the community as a whole.

New Hampshire native, Danielle Meegan, is a writer based in Los Angeles. She has been published in a couple of sports and entertainment magazines and newspapers throughout the years and has dabbled with multiple virtual currency exchanges to understand the 'ins and outs' of trading. Danielle has invested in over 15 different virtual currencies, including Ether.
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