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Battle of the Cryptos: XRP vs. XLM – Can They Repeat Post-SEC Glory? Report

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  • Rumors surrounding Ripple’s potential IPO fuel expectations of a 20x valuation surge, with a speculated price of $600 per share post-IPO.
  • The ongoing SEC lawsuit and the anticipation of a favorable settlement is a crucial precursor to the projected Initial Public Offering.

Ripple (XRP), the digital payment protocol, has been on the radar of market analysts and crypto enthusiasts as talks of an IPO swirl around the industry. The buzz intensified with the news of Ripple nearing a settlement with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), possibly paving the way for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) in the near future.

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A Prologue to IPO: The SEC Lawsuit Saga

The speculation took a substantial turn when a tweet hinted at Ripple conducting a private roadshow event earlier in April 2023. During this rendezvous, the blockchain stalwart reportedly met with some Wall Street investors demonstrating keen interest in the firm’s potential IPO. Ripple’s legal advocate, John Deaton, chimed in suggesting that a favorable judgment in the SEC lawsuit could position Ripple aptly for the IPO.

However, the lawsuit had previously caused a dent in Ripple‘s image, with many exchanges sidelining Ripple’s native XRP token. This ripple effect (pun intended) led to a dampened investors’ interest, making XRP’s market performance lag behind other altcoins.

Deciphering the IPO’s Potential Impact

Linda P. Jones, a seasoned Wall Street mogul, offered some perspective on what the IPO could mean for Ripple and the broader crypto market. With an insightful analysis, she expounded on Ripple’s hefty XRP reserves—42 billion XRP tokens valued at $21 billion, a figure that towers over Ripple’s current market valuation of $5.7 billion. The pre-IPO share price of Ripple sits at $35, according to data from Linqto, a platform facilitating pre-stock IPO purchases.

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Jones, drawing parallels with Coinbase’s successful IPO, hypothesized a striking scenario where Ripple’s valuation could skyrocket to a whopping $107 billion post-IPO, considering a similar market reception. This projection would peg Ripple’s share price at an astonishing $600, marking a nearly 20-fold increase.

If the XRP price were to climb back to its all-time high of $3.60, Jones posited that the valuation could further escalate to $126 billion, hinting at an even larger windfall for potential investors.

Comparing Ripple’s strategic alignment with notable enterprises and its hefty XRP reserves to industry behemoths like Nvidia, Apple, and Amazon, Jones highlighted the feasible attainment of a half-trillion-dollar valuation, thus making Ripple stock an alluring investment avenue.

As the countdown to September 28th—the purported IPO date—ticks away, the crypto community holds its breath. Will Ripple’s journey to IPO redefine crypto valuations or is it a mirage in the volatile crypto desert? Only time, and the gavel of the SEC, will unveil the narrative.

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