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Banking the Unbanked: Stellar Lumens’ 2023 Pledge to Drive XLM Adoption

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  • Stellar is utilizing its network to serve the unbanked and underbanked populations, bridging the gap between traditional financial services and blockchain-based solutions.
  • Despite the progress, Stellar’s reach still covers only a fraction of the global unbanked population, which necessitates further dedicated efforts.

Stellar: A Beacon for Financial Inclusion

The fintech landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift with the Stellar network aiming to serve the ‘unbanked’. This demographic, which comprises individuals without access to traditional banking or financial services, has been at the center of Stellar’s mission to make finance more inclusive.

To comprehend this, let’s initially define some key terminologies. ‘Unbanked’ refers to individuals without any form of interaction with banks or similar financial institutions. On the other hand, the ‘underbanked’ have minimal interaction with banks, often resorting to alternative financial services such as payday loans and unofficial money changers. This status quo limits their economic prosperity by denying access to safer and cost-effective financial options, increasing susceptibility to scams, and reducing service quality.

Stellar’s On and Off Ramps: A Level Playing Field

Stellar is endeavoring to bridge this gap through its innovative on and off-ramps. These mechanisms offer unbanked individuals access to the digital economy and blockchain-based financial services. Take, for instance, ‘Vibrant’, a mobile wallet that enables individuals without a checking or savings account to store value in a digital account. Asset tokenization, another groundbreaking feature, broadens the range of accessible assets, thereby democratizing investment opportunities. While Stellar is making significant strides, the financial inclusion problem is multifaceted and requires numerous context-specific solutions.

Dissecting the ‘Unbanked’ Demographic

Determining why individuals remain unbanked is complex, varying significantly across geographical regions and demographic groups. However, data suggests lack of trust, inability to meet minimum balance requirements, and high bank fees are common reasons. Long-standing systemic biases also contribute, with higher unbanked rates seen among Black and Hispanic households and single-mother households. Globally, issues like inconsistent device ownership, lack of electricity, and gender disparities amplify the challenges. The World Bank reports that more than half of the world’s unbanked adults reside in seven economies: India, China, Pakistan, Indonesia, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and Egypt.

Stellar’s Beacon of Hope

Stellar Ramps are already making strides in this arena, enabling individuals to convert cash into crypto or receive payments without traditional financial institutions. Stellar Aid Assist, for example, provides a portable solution that lets aid organizations distribute digital assets to people in crises who can then access funds when needed. Moneygram allows individuals to convert cash to crypto, an especially useful service for those unable to link to online banking services.

As more remittance services join Stellar’s network and programs like Stellar Aid Assist expand, there’s a glimmer of hope that Stellar’s vision for a financially inclusive world is within reach. To learn more about Stellar ramps, visit the Stellar Development Foundation website.

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