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Azteco Ignites Bitcoin Enthusiasm with Voucher Giveaway at Blockchain Jungle Event

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  • Azteco will distribute Bitcoin vouchers to every attendee of the Blockchain Jungle 2023 conference, highlighting the accessibility of their voucher system.
  • This initiative aims to introduce attendees to the straightforward process of obtaining Bitcoin, emphasizing financial inclusivity and Azteco’s global reach.

Bitcoin for All: Azteco’s Bold Initiative

San José’s upcoming Blockchain Jungle 2023 conference is set to become a launchpad for financial inclusion, courtesy of Azteco’s pledge to endow every participant with Bitcoin vouchers. This pioneering move by the leading bitcoin voucher provider aims to stir excitement and drive home the convenience and democratizing power of their technology.

Demystifying Bitcoin Acquisition

In a striking demonstration of the versatility and user-friendliness of their system, Azteco has devised a plan to hand out thousands of dollars’ worth of Bitcoin in voucher form. Every conference-goer will leave not just with insights and connections, but with actual cryptocurrency in their virtual pockets.

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Azteco’s Chief Marketing Officer, David Bailey, asserts the company’s philosophy, stating,

“Our mission is to usher in the transformative potential of bitcoin, especially to the unbanked and underserved. By furnishing Blockchain Jungle attendees with our vouchers, we make a bold statement: Bitcoin is for everyone, and we have made it as simple as buying a cup of coffee.”

The Redemption Experience

Attendees will be gifted with Azteco vouchers, which they can effortlessly redeem for Bitcoin. This process serves as a live demonstration of Azteco’s commitment to making cryptocurrency accessible to all, regardless of technical expertise or economic status.

A Pinnacle Event in Blockchain

Scheduled for November 16th, the Blockchain Jungle 2023 conference aspires to establish Costa Rica as a nexus of blockchain innovation by the end of the decade. The event will feature over 30 esteemed speakers, such as blockchain pioneer Nick Szabo and immersive technology strategist Cathy Hackl. With a blend of expert discussions, interactive sessions, and a musical festivity, the conference is expected to be a watershed moment for the industry.

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About Azteco

Azteco, since its inception in 2019, has been at the forefront of simplifying Bitcoin transactions. Its voucher system, available in over 190 countries, is a testament to the company’s drive to eliminate the complexities traditionally associated with crypto transactions, paving the way for global financial empowerment. For more details, visit their website at and to learn about the conference, navigate to

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