Tristan Winters

Guest Writer, ETHNews

Tristan has a trading background and experience in digital currency markets, sales, marketing and project management. He has been following Ethereum since the beginning and finds the technology endlessly fascinating. Tristan is a Guest Writer for ETHNews. His views and opinions do not necessarily constitute the views and opinions of ETHNews.

Uncle mining ethereum
September 16th 2016
Uncle Mining in Ethereum
Bitcoin and Ethereum are similar in many key respects; they both seek to innovate and create something with unique utility. However, when it comes to abandoned blocks, this is where Bitcoin and Ethereum differ.
Whisper anonymity
September 1st 2016
Whisper and Anonymity
Whisper is a useful tool in a variety of applications. It will help form key functions and components for a lot of Ethereum Smart Contracts and to anonymity.
Light clients ethereum network
August 26th 2016
Light Clients and Ethereum Networks
"Light clients can be seen as leeching off the network when they take data from other peers without the provision of data in kind. While they may be leechers in a technical sense, their assistance to the network does not go unnoticed."
Derivatives Markets on the Blockchain
August 12th 2016
Derivatives Markets on the Blockchain
It is positive that experimentation is also occurring both in the community and outside of these larger institutions. It is these sort of platforms that, if successful, would ultimately change the playing field for financial contracts in a meaningful way.

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