Jeffrey Berns

Ceo, ETHNews

Jeffrey Berns is a lawyer and CEO of BernsInc. and ETHNews

ethereum hard fork litigation
July 20th 2016
Litigation Resulting from Ethereum Hard Fork Unlikely
Today the Ethereum community reached a consensus and implemented a successful “hard fork” of the Ethereum blockchain, which provides for the return of funds that were previously lost as a result of the exploitation of the DAO. There will unlikely be any legal consequences resulting from the implementation of this hard fork.
virtual currency legislation
July 13th 2016
Virtual Currency Legislation on the Horizon
The US government has provided guidance on the treatment of virtual currencies, which has resulted in controversy. However, new legislation is on the horizon which will have a positive effect on Ether and Bitcoin prices.
DAO hack
June 17th 2016
Ethereum Blockchain is Safe Despite the DAO Hack
Weighing in on the DAO Hack: This hack only impacts the DAO, and not the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain does not have the same vulnerabilities as the DAO, but we as a community, need to decide how best to respond to this situation.

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