Eamonn Hynes

Guest Writer, ETHNews | ehynes@ethnews.com

High performance computing analyst and blockchain developer based in Northern Ireland. Eamonn is a Guest Writer for ETHNews. His views and opinions do not necessarily constitute the views and opinions of ETHNews.

ETHNews is commited to its Editorial Policy
Ethereum for newcomers

Ethereum for Newcomers

What is Ethereum, how did it come to be? How did we get here? In this article, we give a brief overview of the history of currencies, the evolution of Bitcoin and the birth of Ethereum.
Ethereum Weekly Recap 10-17-16

Ethereum Hard Forks Without A Peep

In recent weeks, we’ve seen a noticeable degradation in network performance and up until now, attempts to resolve the attacks have been short notice, hot-fixes. A hard fork to fix the protocol should resolve all known issues once and for all.
devcon day2image

Devcon2: Day 2 Recap

Day 2 Presents: Cash Eth, discussions about running different languages on the EVM, a panel on contract security, MetaMask raps about how easy it is to run Ethereum in your browser, and teasers of the Go Ethereum client.

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