Brianne Rivlin

Writer, ETHNews

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over six years. For more than a year of that time, she has been heavily inundated with blockchain, virtual currency, and Ethereum technology.

Blockchain energy P2P sharing
September 27th 2016 Using the Blockchain for Energy P2P Sharing
Share&Charge works off the Ethereum blockchain due to its smart contract functionality. Similar to how gift cards work, tokens are created to represent a mobility value denominated in EUR. Users are then able to purchase or earn these tokens by providing charging services.
blockchain b9lab
September 21st 2016
Satoshi Oath is Central to Blockchain Ethics
B9lab calls for the Satoshi Oath and encourages developers to declare their commitment to these founding principles by signing the oath on the blockchain and incorporating those principles into their practices.
Worlds first light bulb blockchain
September 16th 2016
Blockchainfirst World's First Ethereum Light Bulb
Blockchainfirst, a company born from Juergen Schaar’s enchantment with blockchain technology, with current headquarters in Singapore, Germany, and Thailand, wishes to bring together IoT devices and blockchain technology.

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