Brianne Rivlin

Writer, ETHNews

Brianne Rivlin has been writing within the internet field for over six years. For more than a year of that time, she has been heavily inundated with blockchain, virtual currency, and Ethereum technology.

Coinspace distribution revolution
August 11th 2016
Coinspace Distribution Revolution Event
Coinspace, first blockchain co-working space, is touted as a real-life decentralized autonomous organization where members vote equally on how it should be managed and operated. On August 16th, they're having an event to determine how Coinspace should be run.
Kibo lottery system
August 9th 2016
KIBO: Decentralizing the Lottery System
The KIBO dev team has announced an ICO (decentralized crowdfunding) starting in September, for the launch of their first decentralized online lottery, based on Ethereum smart contracts.
ETH recap birthday
August 4th 2016
Ethereum Turns One: A Year Recap
Ethereum, the decentralized blockchain-based distributed computing platform that enables smart contracts, recently turned one on the public market. While there wasn’t a cake, balloons, or a party- it certainly deserves a written ovation for its accomplishments over the past year.
colony 100 on ETH
August 5th 2016
Why Colony is 100% on ETH
Originally opponents of the hard fork decision, Colony released a statement as to why they’re now 100% working on ETH.

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