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Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad Foresees Historic Market Crash, Cautions BRICS Coalition May Devalue US Dollar

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  • Robert Kiyosaki predicts a severe stock market crash and potential depression.
  • He warns of the US dollar’s devaluation due to the BRICS coalition’s intention to create a gold-backed currency.

Historic Market Downturn Looming, Warns Rich Dad Poor Dad Author

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the acclaimed personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” has issued a dire warning about the future of the US economy. The best-selling author cautions his 2.4 million Twitter followers about an impending “severe” crash that could possibly plunge the country into a depression.

The Coming Depression and a Shift to ‘Real Assets’

Kiyosaki doesn’t personally dabble in the stock or bond markets, preferring more hands-on control over his investments. Yet, he’s discerning alarming signals that indicate a potential collapse of the stock market. He advises those relying on stocks and bonds for their future to tread cautiously and potentially seek professional guidance.

“I do not play the stock or bond markets. As an entrepreneur, I like my hands-on control too much. Yet too many signs point to a severe stock market crash. If your future depends on stocks and bonds, please be careful, possibly ask for professional advice. Afraid depression coming,”

he posted on Twitter.

Despite the recent stock market rally, which Kiyosaki attributes to the removal of the debt ceiling, he remains skeptical about the US economy’s outlook. As an advocate for Bitcoin (BTC), he affirms his commitment to investing in ‘real assets,’ including Bitcoin, silver, and gold.

“WHY is [the] stock market taking off? Because the ‘debt ceiling’ was removed. This means national debt to rise with the stock market. Rich get richer as America gets poorer. Sad. Sticking with real money and real assets: gold, silver, Bitcoin,”

Kiyosaki tweeted.

The financial guru sees a swift devaluation of the US dollar on the horizon, driven in part by uncontrolled government spending. Moreover, he points out the BRICS coalition’s (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) intent to establish their own gold-backed currency as a significant factor.

“Giant crash coming. Fake money-aka fiat currency to die. BRICS meeting in S. Africa August 22 to put nail in coffin of fiat… fake money. Get into real gold, silver, and Bitcoin asap. Take care. End of fiat (fake) money near,”

he warns in his final advice.

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