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Australia’s Cashless Drive: Rising Preference for Monero, ZCash, and Dash Stokes Fears Among Experts

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  • Australia is steadfastly moving towards becoming a cashless society, leading to a rising emphasis on cryptocurrencies.
  • High-profile financial figures express reservations about the adoption of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) due to associated risks.

Australia’s Digital Leap: Spotlight on Cryptocurrencies

Australia stands at the cusp of a digital monetary revolution, leading the way towards a cash-free society. The prevalence of physical cash is dwindling, as Australians increasingly favor digital wallets, contactless payments, and online banking—a clear indication of the global trend of digitalization sweeping through the country. This significant societal shift amplifies the importance of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, as they offer decentralized, secure alternatives for conducting transactions.

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Businesses and governmental bodies are acutely aware of this transformation, as evidenced by their active promotion of digital literacy and the implementation of advanced payment technologies. In this unfolding digital landscape, cryptocurrencies are not just relevant—they are essential. The potential of these digital assets to augment traditional banking systems is rapidly gaining acknowledgment, as is their capacity to foster financial freedom and inclusivity.

Concerns Over Central Bank Digital Currencies

While digital currencies gain traction, not all are embraced with equal enthusiasm. The conversation surrounding CBDCs is rife with cautionary sentiments, as some high-profile figures question their implementation.

Andrew Bailey, Governor at the Bank of England (BOE), for instance, pointed out that cryptocurrencies and stablecoins do not meet the essential criteria of singleness and settlement finality, hence, cannot be considered money. In his view, the CBDC represents an “enhanced digital money,” a variant that can incorporate broader executable actions, making it a versatile unit of currency.

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John Reed Stark, a former official of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), and currently the president of a cybersecurity firm, however, voiced a stronger objection. Stark described the creation of a CBDC as

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“the most absurd financial idea in the history of monetary policy.”

His concerns revolve around the numerous risks CBDC could bring to the financial system, the cost and availability of credit, and the efficacy of monetary policy.

As Australia transitions to a cashless society, the role of cryptocurrencies in the national economy is bound to expand. This development promises a broad spectrum of opportunities for crypto enthusiasts and investors. However, it also signals a need for rigorous discourse on the potential risks and rewards associated with the rising prominence of digital currencies, including CBDCs.

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