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Argentina’s New President Milei Spurs Crypto Community’s Hopes for Radical Adoption

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  • Argentina’s crypto community anticipates President Javier Milei will drive significant crypto adoption, inspired by El Salvador’s Nayib Bukele.
  • Advocates urge Milei to respect privacy, avoid FATF’s draconian measures, and consider reforming Argentina’s Central Bank in favor of cryptocurrency.

Argentina’s New Era of Cryptocurrency Aspirations

Following the inauguration of libertarian Javier Milei as Argentina’s President on December 10, the local cryptocurrency community is abuzz with expectations. They hope that Milei will fulfill his radical promises, potentially elevating Argentina to a level of cryptocurrency adoption akin to that of El Salvador under President Nayib Bukele.

A Call for Privacy and Regulatory Reform

On the day of Milei’s inauguration, significant voices from the Latin American cryptocurrency sphere outlined their aspirations. Camilo Jorajuría, vice president of the NGO Bitcoin Argentina, emphasized the need for Milei to uphold the privacy rights of citizens. He specifically advised against adopting the Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Travel Rule, which mandates virtual asset service providers to disclose information about the senders and recipients of virtual assets. Jorajuría cited El Salvador’s Bitcoin adoption model as an exemplary approach for Argentina to emulate.

Adam Dubove, an Argentine crypto advocate, echoed the sentiment for radical change. He suggested that Milei should commence the dismantling of the Central Bank of Argentina’s (BCRA) regulatory structure, advocating for monetary reforms that align with the principles of cryptocurrency.

Argentina’s Potential in the Crypto Space

Mónica Taher, a former employee of the government of El Salvador, offered a more moderate perspective. She welcomed Milei’s positive stance on cryptocurrencies, noting that Argentina’s larger economy could attract investors away from El Salvador if it effectively nurtures its digital ecosystem.

Milei’s triumph in the November 19 presidential election was marked by promises of radical reforms, including the abolition of the BCRA and full dollarization of the national economy. However, Fernando Nikolić, an Argentine Bitcoin advocate, cautioned the crypto community. He noted that while the enthusiasm for Milei is palpable, the implementation of ‘Bitcoin-friendly’ laws was not explicitly part of Milei’s official program.

As Argentina embarks on a new political chapter under Javier Milei, the cryptocurrency community watches with keen interest. Their expectations are high, with hopes that Milei will initiate groundbreaking reforms, potentially transforming Argentina into a leading player in the global cryptocurrency landscape. These developments will be closely monitored, as they could significantly impact both the national economy and the broader digital currency sphere.

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