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Are Your Transactions Secure? They Will Be, Thanks to Manta and Polygon’s zkEVM Collaboration

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  • Manta Network adopts Polygon’s Chain Development Kit (CDK) to elevate its zero-knowledge (ZK) dApp ecosystem.
  • The integration promises faster finality, heightened security, and better customizability for developers.

Manta Network’s recent Mainnet Alpha launch was a commendable stride towards establishing itself as the leading zero-knowledge (ZK) application hub in the web3 space. Offering developers access to its innovative Universal Circuits, Manta paved the way for seamless dApp development tailored for a variety of applications.

Now, taking its vision a step further, Manta Network is aligning forces with Polygon Labs. This strategic integration involves the use of Polygon‘s Chain Development Kit (CDK) — an open-source toolkit designed specifically for building zkEVM L2s. Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon, acknowledges the synergy saying,

“The collaborative potential between Manta’s unique ZK-centered dApp repository and the growing Polygon ZK-powered L2 ecosystem is undeniable.”

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So, why choose Polygon CDK?

For a platform like Manta Pacific, the inherent benefits of ZK technology cannot be understated. ZK proofs ensure swift transaction finality in mere seconds, a vast improvement over traditional models that could take days. With Polygon‘s CDK, which has an impressive track record of providing robust ZK proving systems, security is not solely dependent on socio-economic incentives (fraud proofs). Instead, it rests on the unwavering foundation of mathematical proofs.

Furthermore, to sustain its distinct ZK dApp ecosystem, Manta Pacific necessitates a modular, sovereign framework. Polygon‘s CDK not only aligns with these immediate needs but also promises maximum flexibility for future adaptability. The larger vision involves Manta Pacific’s integration into an interoperable blockspace, expanding its reach and liquidity.

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This will be achieved through a trustless ZK bridge to Ethereum, opening the door for atomic L2-to-L2 transactions. Such a move ensures Manta Pacific retains its chain independence without compromising on customizability.

Looking forward, the shift to a ZK L2 environment via Polygon CDK is set to unlock Manta Pacific’s grand vision. With the Universal Circuits SDK at its core, it aims to simplify the process of ZK dApp development. This streamlined approach will empower Solidity developers to create groundbreaking applications, such as private payments for DeFi or privacy-centric identity verification tools for Web3.

In essence, this partnership signifies a monumental move towards Manta Pacific’s full mainnet, building upon its current Mainnet Alpha phase. Soon, we can anticipate further revelations, including gas fee reductions and high-performance specifications accompanying the full mainnet launch.

About Polygon Labs:

Dedicated to scaling Ethereum, Polygon Labs crafts solutions that bolster the Web3 ecosystem. With its suite of developer-friendly protocols, including Layer 2s and data availability methods, Polygon Labs has fostered a thriving network of decentralized apps and has actively collaborated with industry giants like Aave, Uniswap, and Adobe.

About Manta Network:

Positioning itself as the future of ZK applications, Manta Network is driven by a talented team from esteemed institutions like Harvard and MIT. With backing from top-tier web3 investment funds and participation in renowned web3 accelerators, Manta Network is all set to redefine the world of privacy-centric web3 applications.

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