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Arbitrum and Algorand Attempt to Recover While Everlodge Predicted to 10x according to Google Bard

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Out of the thousands of projects available, the AI-driven chatbot Google Bard recommends Everlodge (ELDG), Arbitrum (ARB), and Algorand (ALGO) as the most high-growth altcoins. But why were these specifically selected? Today, we will be taking a look at their on-chart data and price movements to find out.

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  • Arbitrum to reach $1.46 by the end of the year
  • Algorand will spike to $0.13
  • Everlodge can climb 10x

Why Google Bard Recommends Arbitrum (ARB)

The Arbitrum (ARB) cryptocurrency came out as a recommendation when we asked Google Bard about the best projects to invest in. The Arbitrum price hovered between $0.9 and $1 during the year. In terms of its overall performance, it has a trading volume of $170,084,761 and a market cap of $1,289,700,931.

The cryptocurrency is also 10.76% over its all-time high, and Google Bard predicts massive gains in its future. According to the Arbitrum price prediction, it can reach $1.46 by the end of the year.

The Real Reason Why Google Bard Mentioned Algorand (ALGO) as a Recommendation

Algorand (ALGO) has decreased in value by 67.4% in the past year. Yet, Google Bard recommends the Arbitrum crypto as the go-to altcoin for diversification. Many are wondering why, but it’s on-chart data clears a lot of things up. For example, the ARbitrum price hovered between $0.09 and $0.1.

Its market cap was at $777,702,916, with a trading volume of $29,215,770. This indicates that the Algorand crypto is still the 50th largest and is well-respected among investor circles. When we asked Google Bard about its future, it gave a bullish outlook. According to the Algorand price prediction, it can surge to $0.13 by the end of the year.

Everlodge (ELDG) to Surge 10x According to Google Bard

Alongside Arbitrum and Algorand, Google Bard suggested Everlodge (ELDG) as one of the most high-growth projects. According to Bard, Everlodge is projected to 10x as it will disrupt the real estate industry. During the early presale period, its native token, ELDG, trades at just $0.012.

It will spike by 33% as the project enters the second stage. The project changes how investors and traders can engage in real-estate investments as it utilizes NFTs. Each property is minted as an NFT and, as a result, can be fractionalized. 

This means that if a property is worth $1,000,000, investors can buy a fraction worth $100 instead, making it a lot easier to acquire. Moreover, members can earn free nightly stays across all of the hotels in the ecosystem.

Users that co-own properties can also use their property-backed NFT as collateral to get short to medium loans. Token holders also receive discounts and can engage in staking for passive income. All of these aspects make Everlodge one of the best projects to get into throughout 2023.

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Telegram: https://t.me/everlodge 

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