Wirex and ShapeShift Welcome Debit Card Funding with Altcoins

Wirex debit card holders can now fund their Bitcoin card with altcoins.

In a release, Wirex will integrate ShapeShift API onto its app. By adding ShapeShift, users will have the ability to fund their debit card with over 30 different virtual currencies, including Ethereum, Monero, and Dash.

The debit card is primarily a Bitcoin debit card since it is the most popular virtual currency. However, with the growing support of various virtual currencies, adding this funding option was not a difficult decision, according to Wirex Co-founder, Pavel Matveev.

She states:

“Bitcoin enjoys first-mover advantage and dominates the crypto market. However, as the ecosystem matures, there is also a growing community of users with other digital assets. One of the most popular customer requests was to make a multi-asset-friendly debit card and with ShapeShift integration we have finally made this possible.”

Wirex originated to give Bitcoin users a chance to buy everyday items using a debit card. Holders have the choice to use either a virtual or physical debit card. In the past, holders were restricted to have up to three cards (virtual or physical). Each one represented a different fiat currency (USD, EUR, and GBP). Recently, Wirex had updated their policy to allow their users to own up to six cards, one of each, a virtual and physical card.

Virtual card holders could link their PayPal account as well as make online payments wherever VISA is accepted. Those who use the virtual card have the advantage of receiving their funds instantly. Card holders with physical cards can withdraw funds from any ATM and can link their bank account to deposit funds. Holders can use this card online as well as in person at vendors who accept Mastercard.  

Wirex offers a tutorial on how to fund your card with Ethereum: