WikiLeaks Now Accepts Selectively Transparent Zcash

WikiLeaks has been accepting cryptocurrencies since 2011, when a banking blockade attempted to cut the nonprofit off from its revenue streams. This was an attempt by the powers of officialdom to destroy the unconventional publisher of secrets. Since that time, the nonprofit media organization has adapted its funding model significantly and now receives the majority of its donations via cryptocurrencies. It is altogether fitting for WikiLeaks to use currencies that perform outside government control.

Paige Peterson, who works in user education and communications at Zcash, told ETHNews: "Zcash is useful for people from different political factions because it is secure, reaches anywhere that the Internet reaches, and is a fully decentralized and open network like the Internet."

In an effort to continue capitalizing on this trend, WikiLeaks recently polled the public about implementing additional digital cash systems. The poll revealed strong support for Ethereum, which captured nearly half the backing of voters despite being misspelled as “Etherium.” “Other” cryptocurrencies received 23 percent support, Monero received 21 percent and was followed by Zcash, which represented 11 percent of voters’ opinions. WikiLeaks announced yesterday that Zcash donations would now be accepted.

Zcash employs a specific cryptographic methodology called a zk-Snark, a novel form of zero-knowledge cryptography, which allows the data of a transmission to be concealed. This means that people seeking to donate to WikiLeaks can send a transaction without anyone ever being able to see who sent it or how much, something that WikiLeaks may find advantageous to provide to supporters as time goes on.

Zcash is now the third cryptocurrency to be accepted by WikiLeaks behind bitcoin and Litecoin.