Vitalik Buterin: How Non-Coders Can Be More Involved In Ethereum

The success of Ethereum hinges on the efforts of its community. Without the community, there is no Ethereum. While it’s possible for a person to understand the benefits of Ethereum without being a technical expert, it isn’t easy for a layperson to become involved in advancing the project.

Luckily, when an Ethereum supporter posted a question to Reddit, asking how to be more involved without knowing how to code, Vitalik Buterin responded. While most of the work being done on the Ethereum platform requires software development knowledge, there are plenty of ancillary ways a non-dev can help. Buterin suggests:

  1. Try to start a meetup or event if there aren't any where you live.
  2. Introduce those of your friends who are (mathematicians | cryptographers | developers | economists) to Ethereum and see if they are interested in contributing.
  3. Work for a startup doing ethereum-based projects in some non-developer capacity.
  4. Try to use any dapps that you find interesting. Complain to the devs about any user experience difficulties that you encounter, and otherwise give helpful feedback.
  5. If you know both English and some other language, try translating (warning: translating the really technical stuff does also require basically being a technical expert, but not everything does).
  6. If you have some idea for a dapp that you think could be very promising, start a company around it.

At this early stage of development, Ethereum still needs advocates, especially non-technical people who understand Ethereum, and see the advantages it can bring to the world. As Jamie Pitts, who has coded for the Ethereum Foundation, suggests, a person can help by first learning about a specific project, then contributing to its documentation and how-to guides. Pitts shared:

“Across all Ethereum-related projects, there are tons of documentation, how-to, and educational material that can be contributed to. You'll need to get more familiar with the platform and the various projects that use Ethereum to be helpful. Once at that point, reach out to the devs of your favorite project on the appropriate Gitter channel.”

As the blockchain hasn’t been around all that long, general public outreach to increase awareness of the Ethereum platform is always a benefit to the ecosystem. There are so many ways to help, so get out there and spread the good word.