TREZOR Adds Ethereum Support

TREZOR, a device that allows users to make secure cryptocurrency transactions, has just gone through a slight makeover.

SatoshiLabs, the manufacturer of TREZOR, recently released an announcement of new upgrades. This includes a firmware update that brings in Ethereum support once specific wallets implement the necessary components to further their compatibility.

They’ve also implemented two-factor authentication in a more secure way: Universal Second Factor (U2F). Typical two-factor authentication (2FA) is the most common way for a user to protect their online accounts from unauthorized access. In addition to the typical username and password, it requires a secondary login feature such as a phone, app, or specialized hardware token. However, the U2F method is considered to be more secure.

Starting with firmware 1.4.0, TREZOR officially supports the U2F specification. After updating your device firmware, you can start using TREZOR as your 2nd factor authentication token with services such as Google or Dropbox. Check out services using U2F at

The TREZOR blog shows users how to set up their U2F key below:

How to Setup TREZOR as a U2F key?

In this short tutorial, we will use Dropbox as the example, however all services should have a similar setup procedure.

In Settings, click on ‘Add’ to setup TREZOR as your U2F Security Key

Plug in your TREZOR

Wait for the prompt on your TREZOR

Confirm after checking

Done! You can start using TREZOR to log into Dropbox alongside with a simple password.