Top ICO’s on the Blockchain to Follow


Arcade City is issuing an Arcade token (ARC) on the Ethereum blockchain. The ARC token is intended to be the primary means of paying for services in the Arcade City ecosystem. Hailed as the Ethereum “Uber Killer”, AC seeks to revolutionize ridesharing by combining the power of blockchain tech, open source development, and a decentralized ‘swam’ organization model open to all.

End of sale Nov. 30, 2016


ARK is a new cryptocurrency ecosystem focused on consumer adoption through a series of innovative core technology advancements, practical applications for everyday use, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders. By utilizing the ARK SmartBridge, ARK will be able to link together existing blockchain technologies into the ARK Ecosystem and build a robust platform that will bring a new level of user interaction.

End of sale Dec. 11, 2016


ChronoBank is an ambitious blockchain project aimed at disrupting the HR/recruitment/finance industries in a similar way to how Uber disrupted the taxi business. Aimed at revolutionizing freelancing, this platform uses labor hours as tokens (LH) linked to average hourly wages in the host country, backed by a real labor force from major recruitment companies.

Launch sale begins on Dec. 15, 2016


EGaaS is a blockchain platform for organizing economic, public, and social activities. Powered by smart laws and contracts, it serves as a tool to exercise control over these activities without document circulation. EGaaS performs four basic functions required for efficient transfer of most types of government and business activities into blockchain technology: financial system, registry structure, smart contract algorithm and smart law formation and execution mechanism. The financial system secures transactions in the currency of a particular country.

End of sale Dec. 15, 2016


Passflix is a peer-to-peer platform that allows parcels to be sent all over the world like email. Utilizing blockchains, senders can create smart contracts with other people traveling to the same city as that the package needs to be sent to. Besides a smart contract, an insurance deposit is written along with a generated ID that the receiver can confirm and verify with using a smartphone or other mobile device. Upon completion of the delivery, Passflix pays the delivery person completing the cycle.

Launch sale begins Dec 1, 2016


Vdice is the first live online gambling platform on the Ethereum blockchain. This Dapp allows players to gamble by rolling virtual dice and betting with ETH or other crypto coins. The crowdsale launched on Nov. 15, 2016 and reached 1 million (USD) in less than 90 minutes. Vslice tokens are still available for purchase until the cap of 96 million tokens is reached.

End of sale Dec. 11, 2016

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