Thomson Reuters to host their own HackETHon event in London

Thomson Reuters, the multimedia and news corporation is hosting a three day HackETHon. The sponsored event will be held form the 9th to the 11th of September (2016).

The HackETHon will hold several different contests which will focus on Ethereum based smart contracts. According to Crypto Coins News, those who participate in the challenges will have the opportunity to win rewards “for data-driven smart contracts and for Ethereum smart contract security.”

“Ethereum’s blockchain and smart contracts offer almost limitless scope to codify all manner of processes within the enterprise. This weekend is an opportunity for teams to explore this with access to data, cutting-edge tolls and guidance & support from the Ethereum Foundation, academics and industry professionals active in the space,” HackETHon’s official website states.

The event is partnering with Oraclize, Crpyto Compare, UCL, Imperial College London, Innovate UK, Barclays, Coinsilium and Clearmatics

Prof. Tomaso Aste (Director of Centre of Blockchain Technologies, UCL), Tim Baker (Global Head, New Content Initiatives Thomson Reuters), Prof. Will Knottenbelt (Head of Cryptocurrency Research Group, Imperial College), Thomas Bertani (Founder & CEO Oraclize) and Péter Szilágyi (Core Developer Ethereum Foundation) will make up the judging panel for the event. 

For more information about the event, such as their exact schedule, visit the HackETHon website.