The Golem Project Opens Their GitHub Repository

The Golem Project has unveiled their first public GitHub repository.

The cloud computing network that allows users to trade each other’s calculating time, holds decentralization to a high standard. They understand significance of developing projects without an “owner.”

Golem operates on a free and open source software. Now, they are welcoming others to play around with their coding.

Golem states:

“We invite all interested developers to dive in, and to start getting familiar with the work so far. We’re looking for criticism and feedback (public or private) to help us discern how we might improve Golem, now and into the future!”

Golem is still in their alpha stage, and warned developers everything is still under construction. Which means, any mishaps are still a work-in-progress. Due to some protection concerns, Golem invited security researchers to evaluate the code.

With the launch of the GitHub repository, Golem is staying on schedule. Next month, the project will release their White Paper and begin their crowdsale for their Golem Network Tokens.