The Ethereum and Bitcoin ATM

There has been a lot of heat in the air surrounding Ethereum (enter ETC and ETH), so we thought it would be prudent to point out the fact that there is an Ether ATM!  

No, this isn’t breaking news, but it’s always beneficial to point out all the wonderful things the devs behind Ethereum have accomplished, the Hybrid Ether and Bitcoin ATM is certainly one., which is part of the team that is building the Ethereum project, created the first ever machine that accepts cash for Ether. Based on the Lamassu Bitcoin ATM, which is built with an open-source code, this Hybrid machine has been modified to support Bitcoin and Ether. Powered by the JSON-RPC server and the Ethereum Javascript community on GitHub, users can turn their hard-earned cash into Ether. But that’s not all this Hybrid ATM can do... Users can also interact with smart contracts directly from the ATM.  

This Ethereum ATM project has been in the works for more than 2 years, started by Roman Mandeleil, and carried out by Kobi Gurkan. Mandeleil built the Java protocol implementation for Ethereum and the team is currently working on maintaining network transparency. They have a Hackathon in the works, as well as other projects coming in the future. By looking at their site, users can view and research any address or transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

Check out the first transaction using the Ether ATM in the video below!