Synereo Announces Another Fundraising Campaign

With their alpha release just around the corner, Synereo revealed that a second fundraising campaign will soon follow.

The decentralized social network will give a live demonstration of the alpha at a conference in Vancouver on September 9. The campaign, which is intended to move the company forward in developing a decentralized ecosystem, will begin the following week.

Those interested in participating have a few options. They can acquire AMPs through by using credit cards, bank transfer, bitcoin, or other virtual currencies. In order to purchase through the investment platform, investors must start with a minimum of $1,000.

Synereo has partnered with the Chinese exchange, YUNBI, where investors can purchase AMPs through a specific campaign page on their website. Investors will also be able to acquire coins through Synereo’s own site. Though AMPs are available on other exchanges and markets, these are the only sites dedicated towards the sale. AMPs can still be acquired using those exchanges, but users will not be able to receive the benefits offered by the campaign.

The price for an AMP will begin at 33000 satoshi, and will maintain that price for the first 14 days. It will then increase to 36500 satoshi between days 15-21. The value will reach its peak at 40000 satoshi on day 22, and will stay there until day 30.

Synereo will offer a bonus phase for the first 24 hours of the sale. It will offer an additional 1 million AMPs and distribute them among those who participated.