Sydney’s 2nd Ethereum One-Day Workshop

For only a $21 fee, developers can engage in an Ethereum workshop in Sydney on Sunday, August 28, 2016.

This workshop covers just a few basic grounds of Ethereum and doesn’t get deep into its roots. The idea is to give developers a general understanding of how to build, design and test and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.


Level 5, 155 Clarence St, Sydney

Listed schedule and necessary installations:

Developers will need their own laptop to follow what the trainers are doing. The following software needs to be installed before arriving:
node-gyp (only if using windows)

Schedule for the day:
10.00am - 10.20am - Registration and setup

10.20am - 10.30am - Welcome and introductions - Nick Addison

10.30am - 11.20am - Ethereum and Geth - Luke Anderson
- Ethereum 101
- running a public, classic, test or private chain
- genesis file
- create accounts and key management
- securing access
- transferring ether

11.30am - 12:20pm - Solidity 101 - Nick Addison

- Structure of a contract
- Types: value types, arrays, structs, mappings
- Special variables and functions
- Control structures
- Function calls
- Events

12.20am - 1:00pm - lunch

1.00pm - 1.50pm - Build, deploy and test using Truffle - Vojdan [Voi-dan] Kardalev

- Installing Truffle
- Building solidity code using Truffle
- Installing testrpc
- Deploying contracts to testrpc
- Writing truffle tests
- Executing Truffle tests

2.00pm - 2.50pm - JavaScript API - Emma Poposka

- Installing web3
- asynchronous callbacks
- get transaction data
- invoke a transaction
- listening for events
- Integration with Meteor

3.00pm - 3.30pm - Contract design patterns - Nick Addison
- access control
- error handling
- data storage (mapping, arrays and struct)
- upgrade strategies

3.30pm - 4.00pm - Networking and backup

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