Stake Prover: A Dapp that Allows Text on the Blockchain

Have you ever had an idea that you wanted to absolutely prove was yours?

It’s never easy trying to claim ownership of an idea without it being patented-- which can be a lengthy process. With the emergence of immutable tech through the Ethereum blockchain, it’s about time a Dapp dedicated to hashing text onto the blockchain came about.

The Stake Prover Dapp allows users to easily hash their text onto the blockchain. While a user can already hash any text or sentence they like, this provides a great resource for those who want absolute idea ownership. This Dapp works with the MetaMask or Mist browser.

Here’s how the Stake Prover works:

This Dapp allows you to submit a hash of a text onto the blockchain. The amount Ether you had in your account will be recorded. You can also optionally burn Ether when making a submission (this will be recorded). This could be used on forums to link all of your submissions to your Ethereum account.

Another potential use of this Dapp is to prove that you came up with an idea at a certain point in time. Just submit the hash of the description and it will be timestamped.

To verify a piece of text, enter into a box below and click "Get Info". (You are not sending a transaction in this case.)

To start hashing your own text, head over to their GitHub