Shapeshift Launches New Ethereum Splitter Tool

With ETC and ETH still working within the Ethereum ecosystem, exchanges are tweaking things at their home base to allow users more options.

Adaptation is key and ShapeShift, a cryptocurrency exchange that enables the trade of currencies in under ten seconds, has now launched an Ethereum splitter tool for ETH and ETC users.

This new tool was created for users to be able to split ETH and ETC coins automatically, and to avoid attacks and prevent coins from going “missing.” Users will be able to “clean” their balances, which gives users reassurance that their ETH will be transferred to a clean Ethereum address. Their ETC will also be sent to a clean Ethereum Classic address.

Users must also note that they need to put in new wallet addresses for the ones created. Once the two addresses are added to the respective boxes, the splitter tool will start sending funds to the corresponding wallets, which takes about under five minutes.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Input your ETH and ETC address (they must be different). Click Start.

Step 2: Send any ETH or ETC to the provided address.

Step 3: ShapeShift will safely split the coins and send clean ETH and clean ETC to your provided addresses. There is a fee of 0.25% (quarter percent), as well as 0.02 ETH gas cost.

Head over to ShapeShift to learn more.