Satoshi Studios: A Blockchain Startup Incubator

Southeast Asia-based, Satoshi Studios, is a self-proclaimed blockchain startup incubator that functions as a residence program in New Delhi, India, where founders can collaborate with advisors and blockchain startup entrepreneurs in a mentorship program from April to June 2017. During this time, entrepreneurs gain access to valuable resources such as hands-on sessions with blockchain industry experts. Satoshi Studios will also invest up to $50K in exchange for 8 - 15% of the startup company’s equity. Co-founder of Satoshi Studios, Sahil Baghla, states:

"Startups will get an awesome workspace and living space for three months in New Delhi. There will be intensive mentorship sessions by blockchain veterans (including our backers) which will help startups to reach product market fit quickly."

According to Baghla, the platform has already turned heads of entrepreneurs in the Southeast Asian marketplace.  

"We had been receiving a lot of interest from fellow entrepreneurs seeking feedback on their ideas using the Blockchain technology. And some of the entrepreneurs we've met are building some really interesting applications. We wanted to work with them and see if we could get an opportunity to know and work with more of these geniuses."

While there are many different industries blockchain startups are working in, Satoshi Studios remains neutral in its selection process and has no industry preference. Any startup looking to solve real world problems using blockchain technology remains eligible for selection. Satoshi Studios currently has a total of six projects in the queue. The platform cannot provide details on the projects, but Baghla told ETHNews:

“These are projects focusing on healthcare, insurance, betting, supply chain, and payments and about 25% are Ethereum-based.”

The Satoshi Studios team consists of a number of blockchain industry experts and cryptocurrency promoters. Industry proponents such as Roger Ver and Amit Bhardwaj provide a solid investment backing, while mentorship is provided by advocate and co-founder of BitAngels, Michael Terpin. Satoshi Studios remains excited to what 2017 will bring for blockchain technology. Baghla told ETHNews:

“Not only does the fundamental idea of blockchain or distributed ledgers excite us, but it’s also various other complimentary ideas like smart contracts, and not just digital money but programmable money, and the creation of a parallel, more efficient financial ecosystem. The transparency of cryptography is truly giving the blockchain revolution its real wings.”